PerfectChop Cutting Board


Cut the mess out of mealtime with the amazing cutting board that cleans itself! Introducing the PerfectChop Stay-Clean Cutting Board by KitchenAdvance.

With an intuitive design, the patent pending PerfectChop keeps your countertops clean. The secret is in the innovative Stay-Clean microtexture that quickly guides the drippings off the board into a basin, holding over two cups of liquid. You can save the good juices to make delicious homemade gravies, sauces, marinades, and more! Made of high-density material, the PerfectChop won't dull knives, harbor bacteria, or absorb odors. The sturdy, lightweight construction makes it great for everyday use. This amazing cutting board truly is the easiest, no-mess way to prep foods fast!

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Sale Price: $29.95

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