Digital Cooking Thermometer Pen


Many of us are familiar using an - instant read, infrared thermometer - for getting instant temperature readings around the house: AC and Heating vents; windows and walls; leaky window seals; and other ways to make our homes energy efficient. It's great for moms that want an instant temperature read on car seats or bath-water! Cold and warm spots in the fridge; best place to store the wine in the basement; the uses are certainly far and wide!

However it's the Kitchen where we cooks wish to be accurate! If you fry chicken or fish; sauté vegetables or stir-fry then you know how invaluable it is to have the proper temperature. Checking frying oil to make sure it's at 375 degreeF for best deep-frying results! How about the burner or weekend bbq grill-is it hot enough or too hot? Make sure your pan is above 200 degreeF and below 300 degreeF before scrambling eggs! Remove the guesswork and get accurate readings!

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