Ultimate Steak Knife Set

This set of six steak knives delicately cuts everything from sirloin steaks to pork loin chops to grilled chicken. Easy to slice, bite-size pieces - all tasty and delicious. The Surgical Stainless Steel with Micro-serrated cutting-edges glide through your meats and vegetables, adding to your dining experience. Handy too, these go-to steak knives are perfect for the kitchen! Great for the dinner table, but also great to have on hand for everyday use - cutting fruit, slicing cheese, slicing tomatoes - the list goes on. The convenient six-slot oak block makes these knives handy and convenient! Proudly display this set in your kitchen for quick and easy use. You're sure to find that they are not only great for cutting steak but double as handy all-purpose kitchen knives for slicing fruits, prepping lunches or even every-day dinner knives!

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Sale Price: $9.95

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