Grow Your Own Coffee Kit


You know the morning routine: Grind the coffee beans, fire up the coffee pot and drink copious cups of hot java.

The thing about routines is that they get old.

Mix yours up by purchasing your very own Grow Your Own Coffee Kit. The kit includes coffee bean seeds, a windowsill greenhouse pot, planting mixture and detailed instructions. This coffee greenhouse works in any climate, and you don't have to be a gardener to drink the fruits of your labor. This plant is easy to maintain and is sure to excite coffee lovers.

Enjoy coffee from seed to cup! Each Grow Your Own Coffee Kit has everything you need to grow your own coffee plants (Coffee arabica): Windowsill Greenhouse, 1 Packet of Coffee Seeds (1g), a Germination Disk, and an easy-to-follow instructional guide with information sheet. Grow 'em at work or at home. It's so easy and fun to grow and the kit contains enough for three crops of plants. Best of all it's Made in the USA.

Get a Grow Your Own Coffee Kit today - who knows, the coffee you drink in the future might be your own!

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