Grow Your Own Hot Peppers

Growing Peppers is perfect for any garden as they're ornamental and add great color! Not to mention easy to harvest -- and it's fun growing your own colorful peppers with fresh, off-the-vine flavor! Perfect for summer pasta salads, chili, soups, stews, salsas, garnishing and of course Mexican and Southwestern Cuisine! The uses are certainly many and the harvest season is long as peppers flower and sprout throughout the spring and summer and even into fall! One might think that you have to wait for hot, summer days to even get started growing peppers. Well, you don't and it couldn't be any easier than with your complete Grow Your Own Hot Peppers Kit. These beauties grow to about five inches in length with vibrant color that you'll be proud to say "I grew those myself!" Yes, growing your own peppers is not only rewarding but fun and easy with fantastic flavor you'll enjoy for months! The heat is on. Start growing your own tasty Chili Peppers!

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