Grow Your Own Hot Peppers


Grow your own blazing hot Cayenne Peppers! These peppers grow up to be 5" long. The fruits are long and twisted and make a good pepper for making sauces, processing, cooking, etc. Cayenne Peppers have been cultivated and included for more than 4000 years. This easy to grow pepper is named after the South American river in Guyana and has a heat level of 5.

Chili Peppers make a fantastic addition to any garden or patio. The Grow Your Own Hot Peppers Kit makes gardening a breeze! You can keep these plants thriving on your windowsill or patio and then conveniently transplant to your garden or well lit area later. Perfect for transplanting to a garden bed or pots, this windowsill-greenhouse is the perfect starter for great pods to come!

You'll find that growing your own Chili Peppers to be Fun, Colorful and Full of Flavor!

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Sale Price: $9.99

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