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A natural, calorie-free sweetener and you won't find a more effective sweetener that this: Sweet Leaf - also known as Stevia - contains 4 major sweet compounds (glycosides) and an array of antioxidants. A general rule of thumb is that 2 tablespoons of dried, stevia powder equals 1 cup of sugar. The stevia leaves can be used dried, fresh, or made into syrup with the use of water. So whether you're diabetic or just looking for a natural, alternative sweetener - stevia is an excellent choice.

Why work for your plants when they can work for you? Stevia (Sweet Leaf) is a beautiful plant that is as sweet to grow, as it is to taste. Grow this amazing plant that is known to produce a sweetener twenty to thirty times sweeter than sugar. The Sweet Leaf Plant is a sub-tropical plant that will grow two to three feet tall outdoors. This exceptionally useful plant is easy to sprout and fast to grow; we wouldn't have it any other way!

Need some greenery inside to cheer you up during those dreary days? Not only will these plants spruce up your house, they are very useful also! Each kit contains everything you need to successfully grow your plant, including a terrarium, seed packet, plant stake, natural gravel, planting mixture, and a planting & care information guide.

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute that has leaves that are 30 times sweeter than sugar!

Your Sweet Leaf Plant Cube Kit Includes:

  • Terrarium
  • Sweet Leaf (Stevia rebaudiana) Seed Pack, Contains 2 mg
  • Plant Stake
  • Natural Gravel
  • Germination Disk
  • Planting and Care Information Guide
Your Sweet Leaf Plant Cube Kit Features/Benefits:
  • This plant is used as a natural sugar substitute.
  • It has proven to be an exceptional aid in weight management.
  • Improves digestion and soothes upset stomachs.
  • Will grow two to three feet tall outdoors.
  • Make a great gift.
  • Made in the USA

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