Seed Bombs - Shortgrass Mixture

Throw, drop, or place your Seed Bombs anywhere you want to add some green grass. No crushing or stomping on the Bomb is necessary. Just water the Bombs or wait for the rain to fly. The specially developed clay and peat used in making the Seed Bomb traps moisture for the seeds when they need if most and protects the seeds from birds, animals, and other predators.

Each Seed Bomb will cover about one square foot with green grass. The specially designed clay will encapsulate the seeds, making them viable for over four years! You can throw Seed Bombs on unused soil, in pots, or in flowerbeds. Their quickness to sprout and grow will absolutely amaze you. Best yet, our Seed Bombs are crafted in the United States.

Your Seed Bombs will sprout with vigor and you will have grass within weeks.

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Sale Price: $4.99

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